A Beautiful Work In Progress

I wrote this the other day at 5:30 AM which easily gives you a clue that I either sleep late or wake up at wee hours and do exactly this to be rather productive.  That’s just one side of Leah’s uncanny, intricate but interesting personality.  Oh yes, that’s meeeee! 🙂

I was named Leah by my parents but as I matured, which took place at an early stage of my life, I thought that it was too sweet and simple to be given to someone like me.  I guess all parents wanted their daughters to be just that, didn’t they? Well, just thinking that men- sounding names for ladies would be sooooo cool – Toni, Alex, Dannie or Phillyp!  And, if I’ll be blessed with a baby girl (in the future), I know exactly what name to give her.

I love to sing but my friends prefer my speaking voice. 😦

When I go to malls, I’ll most likely yield to buying shoes, clothes, perfume, accessories and bags. Typical for a girl, right?

I am fond of watching movies and stage plays.

I love sports. I used to play basketball and softball. You read it right!

Discovering new restaurants is something I enjoy exploring with friends. These places eventually become our “tambayans”.

I am into baking and cooking now and it’s good to know that people love whatever I prepare.  Or maybe, they just love me more?! Hahaha!

I am a frustrated DJ and sportscaster.

I am a loving but stubborn daughter to my parents, supportive sister, “barkada” and “kontrabida” to my siblings, a spoiler to my nephew, a loyal and logical friend.

My boss once asked me what my blogs will be all about and one of my close friends at work responded with, “It will be her journal!”. She was right and knew me quite well. I’ll let you take a glimpse of what keeps me busy, inspired, sane, euphoric, crazy and all the other things that make me uniquely loveable! You might also get lucky to see some of the closest people in my life whom I share these great moments with!


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