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My First Blog: Triggered by the Monsterrrific Prawns

 Choosing a theme for this site and coining an engaging tag line is as time-consuming and taxing as deciding what to write about for my first blog.  I was clueless until I finished cooking one of my special recipes which I have decided to name “Monsterrrific Prawns”, at least for now.   And guess what?! Almost an hour after cooking, I decided to feature this as my first ever blog to share with everyone.  Yay!


Cooking and Plating: Leah Mendoza

Photography: Tiara Mejos

“The Monster Prawns” Owner: Glorien Merisco

My knack for cooking felt almost as if I was born to delight people with my delectable food discoveries and creations which I envision to happen in the future.  And  when that materializes, I intend to make my Monsterrrific Prawns its signature dish.